Disadvantages of Booking Online on Travel Portals

Online Travel Portal customers can different destination of their choice, information regarding the location, availability, price comparison and hotel reservation or find them on searching for a package than they can with the help of the various holiday booking. A traveler can enjoy a fast and efficient search for your needs with the help of Online Travel Portals. Prior to the invention of Internet People used to visit the agents and operators to their Hotelbooking, car hire or excursions. But what I’ve seen, though the Online Travel Portals offers as options available to the end customer still fail to attract the maximum number of Target Audience. We will discuss what are the disadvantages of Travel Portals in the following

1) the limited options :. Travel Agents who are offering good prices, the Online Travel Booking Engine is not where the customer can directly book his tickets and get the confirmation

2) Real Time confirmation: .. Many tour operators System allows the customer to online books, but offer no immediate confirmation

3) fees and Security: travel agents and tour operators to attract them often advertise low rates to the customer, but they charge some hidden costs. Booking Travel Online is required to pay some amount in advance will bring the customer at risk by paying an unsafe website

4) paid ads. Booking online will rarely gives utterance a customer to someone about the service. There may be a case that the customer will find testimonials on Travel Agents and supplier web site, but you can never be sure whether it is paid advertising if it really is

5) specific needs. The customer can not confirm the specific requirement while making Online Booking through the Hotel Reservation System.

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