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Tips in Gaining a Good Posture How many times have we heard our parents or our teachers tell us to stop slouching or bring our shoulders back? Does it really matter that we have a good posture? What difference does posture really make? There is actually a difference between having a good posture and a poor posture. Repetitive misuse is found by researchers to be the cause of a large percentage of back and neck injuries. This is precisely the definition of poor posture – repetitive misuse. Our spine has its own natural curves. The spine then cannot maintain its natural curves, if you walk around with a poor posture, and this can result in injury. When you have good posture, it means that you are properly maintaining your spine’s natural curves. The spine-stabilizing muscles then does their job. Since people are not aware of it, poor posture is a common cause of repetitive misuse to the spine. There is no one informing people about poor posture and how to avoid it. If you want to achieve good posture, here are some easy ways to do so.
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Placing the head too far forward, backward, upward or downward, will not give you good posture. Ideally, the head should have a slight chin tuck. Have you ever seen someone with a double chin? That is how a person with good posture appears like.
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And, yes, you need to bring your shoulders back. You should be thankful that your mother wanted you to have a good posture even when you were young. It is something that sounds easy to do yet, we forget or we are not conscious that we are not doing it. Here is a test to know if you have properly positioned shoulders. With palms facing behind you, stand up and place your arms at your side. What you need to do is to rotate your thumbs all the way out until you cannot rotate them any further. This position places your shoulders in the proper postural position. You can now return your hands to any position you want but maintain proper shoulder position. Most people find it difficult to understand how to maintain a low back curve. But, the low back curve is the most important for good posture. You can place your low back in the proper position if you imaging stretching your head up toward the ceiling or the sky. If you want to be someone who walks around with a proper posture, then you should follow the tips given above. The tips that were given above are not really difficult things to do and this means that it is possible to achieve proper posture in a very easy way. Now that you know what to do, you should aspire to have the proper posture that you should have. With proper posture, you can eliminate what most people complain about, that is, back and neck pain.

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