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Things You Have to Know Regarding the Kitchen Backsplash Grout

The grout would do the job of locking the tiles tight, keeping water out and also giving the floors and the walls that finished look. There is no person would pay attention when such does its job but just when it fails, becomes cracked or stained or fall out all at once that everyone would pay attention to its purpose.

You have to know that the grout actually deserves more respect. The grout will not just fill the voids but this would make the floor, the walls and the countertop much stronger through bonding the tiles together and by preventing the edges of the tile from cracking as well as chipping. This is the importance of the grout. When you are looking for a kitchen backsplash grout, then you must know the different kinds of grout that you can go for.

The grout actually comes in a couple of basic types and making a choice of which you must use would rely not on the tiles but on the width of the joints that is between them. For narrow joints, that has a width of 1/8 inch or lesser than this, this requires the use of an unsanded grout which is a combination of the Portland cement and those powdered pigments blended with water in order to create a blend that is pudding-smooth. The joints which are greater than 1/8 inch would have the sanded grout which is the same material, but comes with sand. You have to know that the sand would bulk up the grout and this is also going to keep it from shrinking in the joints.
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Even with the improved performance of such cement-based grouts, they are really porous and they are also capable of staining too. That is the reason why the manufacturers and also the installers are actually recommending to seal the grout when it has cured for two days and becomes totally dry. You have to know that the sealer have two varieties and they are membrane-forming and the penetrating. One is prone to peeling or getting cloudy when there is residual moisture that pushes to the tile’s surface.
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Know that the penetrating sealers would still breathe even after soaking in the tile and grout and they are preferred. Moreover, you may save on the labor cost if you are going to seal the grout all by yourself.

For a kitchen backsplash grout, you have to know that there are plenty of colors that you will be able to find. But, there are tips in choosing the color of the grout. One is through contrasting, the harmonizing or the neutral shade. It can be tempting to opt for the eye-popping combination but it is recommended that you choose the neutral color. When you choose the bold color, you may actually grout up a sample on the tile and try to live with such for a few days.

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