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3D Printing: Amazing Features and Functionality

In this futuristic and industrial age, there is a single product that is known to change the world significantly, since it can basically produce digital outlined models into a solid three dimensional physical version of it, and the product is called 3D printers. A 3D printer which is also known as additive manufacturing is capable of producing digital 3D models and turn them into physical objects with the use of its advance building technology. The 3D printing technology was first invented in the late 1980’s and it grew into this wide amazingly potent technology that we have today, which can produce certain kinds of products, in certain amounts of time.

Although 3D printers at this moment currently take a significant amount of time to complete a single complete prototype, the future of 3D printer still holds endless potential and possibilities. In this current day and age, a 3D printer is now able to print out different types of products with the use of various types of materials, which includes thermoplastics, pure metals, ceramics, metal alloys and certain types of food. 3D printing can seriously reshape the business world with its amazing features and functionality.

3D printing is sort of complicated as a whole and most may not know how to begin with it, but to make it much easier to understand, the 3D printer would need a digitally manufactured design like for example a computer aided design or CAD for short with the use of any 3D modeling application or software. A 3D printer can also use a 3D scanner device to copy a physical object to make a 3D digital design file of the object as well, you just need to make sure that the object or model you are using has to be 3D printable.
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The process of making a 3D computer designed model into a three dimensional physical copy is called the slicing process, which is basically the process to create multiple numbers of horizontal models in the 3D computer designed model with the use of some software. The slicing method will only allow horizontal layers due to the fact that most, if not all 3D printers in the market currently are only able to print the uploaded 3D model layer by layer. The 3D printer will have to need to read every single slice of the 3D digital model in order for it to produce and complete the three dimensional physical model. The 3D printers has a variety of sizes in the market, like for example, some of them may not be able to create medium size models while some of them are capable of printing out big models otherwise.Services – Getting Started & Next Steps

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